UC Interlink (UCI) will deliver an adoption strategy that will drive overall organizational collaboration and productivity to accelerate business transformation and optimal utilization of emerging technologies like Presence, Mobility, IPTV, Telepresence and other business applications. Components will include multi-media messaging collateral, VoD’s and end-user web portals with FAQ’s driven by UCI Advisory Services and based on real-life case studies of your customer environment. A key takeaway will be to outline the client’s desired future state of productivity and collaboration enhancement in order to give a vision of how enhanced features and functions will transform the corporate environment.

Once the adoption of your new technology is underway, it will be imperative to establish and disseminate effective strategies for optimal utilization of the technological enhancements for the benefit of all network users.

Services Offering

  • A Communications and Marketing strategy that will incorporate tools like Web 2.0 solutions to drive change management of technology investments.
  • An organizational change-readiness analysis of how IT investment will impact business users.
  • A strategic plan to manage the technology adoption of various user segments, ensuring enterprise-wide acceptance of the new technology.
  • A global transition plan that will outline cultural implications and requirements for a unified experience across the enterprise.
  • A translation of technology requirements into business use-case scenarios that depict the benefits of technology investments to validate their use.
  • A multi-faceted global eMarketing communications strategy designed to launch implementation of a new technology solution across multiple functional organizations and lines of business.
  • Defined measurement goals and benchmarking for overall productivity improvements and ROI savings.
  • A post-measurement of client readiness, product utilization, training effectiveness and overall acceptance of the new solution.


With our expertise, we will help develop and deploy impactful and informative instructional materials designed to increase awareness, enthusiasm and understanding of the new process enhancement and product features provided by the new technology within your enterprise and beyond.

UCI has a unique background in taking the most complicated technical solutions and translating them into business requirements that will drive end user acceptance.

Our proven approach to driving enterprise adoption will ensure an accelerated experience, utilizing best practices designed to aid in a successful technology transition.