Interlink Business Case Assessment:

Building an effective business justification for any Unified Communications implementation requires linking together critical business needs. This helps to create a detailed value proposition that will enhance enterprise-wide acceptance and accelerate adoption of the Unified Communications technology. UC Interlink (UCI) will offer recommendations that identify opportunities within your organization for the optimal application of the technology, identify potential obstacles and develop an effective methodology for increasing the business value of this transformative technology.

Interlink of Change™ Assessment:

Gain the competitive advantage you need by accelerating your application growth plan. Take your technology investment to the next level with a defined roadmap on how to identify and deliver a Mobility strategy or Presence implementation. Achieving enhanced operational efficiency from all parts of your organization requires understanding the specific needs, enabling each team’s full potential and offering technology solutions that work. With the diverse backgrounds that make up an enterprise today, it is essential to define a strategy that is globally effective. By defining processes for driving transformation through the effective utilization of the collaborative tools inherent in Unified Communications, UCI’s Change Assessment provides the knowledge you need to be an Architect of Change.

Services Offering

Interlink Business Case Assessment:

  • Roadmap of recommendations that outlines how to leverage existing technology investments to propel enhanced collaboration and drive employee productivity.
  • Governance model that outlines both technology and business process changes to optimize current and new technology investments.
  • Comprehensive business case that outlines ROI savings, operational efficiency improvements, and processes to increases employee productivity utilizing unified communication capabilities.
  • Identification of business and communications challenges that hinder your ability to collaborate across different organizations and departments.

Interlink of Change Assessment™:

  • Translation of Business Strategies for each line of business and user segment to enable change management plan.
  • Application roadmap of recommended solutions like Presence and Mobility to drive optimal employee performance
  • Adoption plan that outlines recommended practices that will strengthen ability to ensure adoption and acceptance of new technology.
  • Marketing, communication and training recommendations specific to business unit and user segment to maximize acceptance and ease of transition to new technology.
  • Organizational impact analysis based upon interviews across your organization, including leadership and stakeholders, to define shift requirements and organizational realignment.
  • Operational process recommendations that align to the needs of the business and enhance ROI.


Every implementation of Unified Communications is unique. UCI will partner with your organization at all levels to identify the optimal method for achieving your goals. Through strategic organizational assessments, UCI will conduct a highly effective combination of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, customer surveys, competitive environment assessments and technological readiness evaluations to define the business priorities that will benefit most from an enterprise-wide collaborative solution, aiding in driving future growth strategies.

UCI has a defined methodology that will demonstrate how business units can leverage emerging technologies like Presence, Mobility and Telepresence  to enhance collaboration. By understanding the nuances within multiple governing agencies and business units—and the distinct challenges they face—UCI will help your organization define a solution and roadmap that unifies them, increases inter-operational efficiency and intensifies their effectiveness.