The UC Interlink (UCI) Services portfolio includes a broad range of Advisory Services and Training that can help you leverage your technology investment and increase your network’s business value and return on investment. Our services are specifically for organizations looking to improve operational effectiveness through Unified Communications solutions. From inquiries into the productivity enhancements of Unified Communications to partnerships in the conceptualization process and adoption of UC across the enterprise, UC Interlink has the experience, knowledge and methodologies to help successfully achieve the full benefits of this transformative technology.


UCI will deliver a detailed situational analysis and formal recommendation of best practices to build a strong business case for Unified Communications and enable implementation accelerations, risk mitigation and enhanced ROI of Unified Communication technologies for your organization.

Strategic Planning:

UCI’s Strategic Planning Services offers in-depth consultation on leadership development of functional and business alignment plans designed to help you garner management, lines of business and board approval of your implementation plan. We will help you shift leadership culture from a “reactive” to a “proactive” approach to problem resolution.

Collaborative Services:

Using collaboration and social networking to drive the next generation of IT investments, UCI’s Collaborative Services aid you in the development of a strategic development plan designed to ensure enterprise-wide adoption of the technology, enhancing productivity and overall effectiveness for all users.

Training Services:

UCI offers a comprehensive range of services for IT Organizations looking for ways to converge teams to Channel Partners which seek to gain competitive advantage at each phase of the engagement process. Training offerings are scenario-driven while strongly facilitated and adapted for the optimal benefit of each participant.

Why UCI:

The UCI approach for bringing together technology, people and innovation will offer a defined methodology that will demonstrate how business units can leverage emerging technologies like Unified Communications to enhance collaboration. By understanding the nuances within multiple governing agencies, business units and supply chains—and the distinct challenges they face—UCI will help your organization define a solution that unifies them, increases inter-operational efficiency and aids in driving future growth strategies.