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IoT – 28 Billion reasons to care

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as the third wave in the development of the Internet….According to Gartner the IoT has the potential to connect 10X as many (28 billion) things by 2020. This new wave will change the way we work, learn and innovate…is your workforce ready?

With new advancements in the Internet of Things we know that the key to transformation is workforce preparedness in the delivery of new customer experiences. Let us define new workforce performance models to enable new policy initiatives for things such as connected cities, manufacturing efficiencies in collaboration, TeleHealth remote diagnostics, oil and gas connected devices, scalable retail store knowledge workers and more.

Companies not only have to focus on their technology strategy, but their risk, business models and workforce improvement strategies.

To prepare for the Internet of Things, companies are first seeking to map business processes to understand how work is done and how teams collaborate and share as a way to foster change in their corporate culture. Many firms believe that if they focus on change management, the tools they use to facilitate operations, including technology will fall into place. This is partially true; however with a strong understanding of your corporate change, re-definition of measurable business outcomes, new behavioral workforce models, clearly defined customer and user experience strategies combined with outcome-based training, achieving that ROI and lowered TCO would be achieved much faster with these added best practices. Our Technology Adoption Experts and Trainers can be the key to operationalizing your IoT plan and realizing business value faster — 60% faster!!

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