We bring technology alive
and get your users to fall in
love with it!


Cisco End User Training Services

We build a roadmap of where you are and where you want to be.
Organizations find themselves in a variety of situations when it comes to the deployment and adoption of Cisco in the Enterprise. You may be pre-deployment and in need of expert assistance with architecture, strategy and design. You may be piloting or rolling out enterprise voice and seeking hands-on assistance with voice quality problems and connectivity issues. Or you may be fully deployed and looking for improvements to ongoing operations. Regardless of where you are in the Jabber life cycle, UC Interlink’s end user tech training services can get you to your destination.

We bring technology alive!

Our UCI Genius Squad™ delivers hands-on results. Watch our Ambassadors of Happiness at work whether in the classroom or proactively walking the halls of your corporate offices. Our job is to ensure that every user is happy and that the information sticks. Your team will love it!

Genius Squad
to the Rescue!

At UCI, we are committed to delivering an amazing experience to your end users every time. Every instructor practices our 4-point motto and our definition of customer service. We play full-out until you’re smiling like us. We are at your service!

Train the Trainer

Reduce your costs and scale your resources.
Amplify your internal expertise across global enterprises over multiple sites by leveraging UC Interlink’s best practices to build your own army of change agents.

By engaging with UCI’s Train the Trainer program, you will be able to:

  • Empower your internal training resources to learn the content and deploy your own version of on-site expertise for Cisco Unified Communications.
  • Build a customized deployment plan based on your own workforce needs, IT environment and business requirements.
  • Extend your internal expertise and incorporate Cisco best practices to help lower risks and costs of deployment.

Training Documentation and Curriculum Development

We’ve created a massive library of resources for every type of knowledge worker across the majority of use-cases: Admins, Executives, Contact Center Agents, Mobile Workers, Remote Experts, etc.

We also provide Training-as-a-Service (TaaS), a subscription-based service that provides quarterly or yearly updates and maintenance for all Cisco training documentation and train-the-trainer sessions. This service will support IT and Corporate Training Departments with up-to-date content management services and refreshed training materials that align to your system upgrades, system changes and new feature releases. Products include: Jabber, WebEx, Finesse Contact Center, Unity Connect, Business Video and various IP phone models.

  • Guides, Manuals, Workbooks, Outlines, PowerPoint, Quick Reference Guides, etc.
  • All materials are available online under a secure login.

Collaboration Champion Network™

When properly inspired, your USERS become your Agents for Change.

UCI has a uniquely branded program to expand your early adopters and Champions of Change in the execution of your Cisco Technology rollout. The key to a sustainable program is empowering the users to become the owners during the rollout process. When this shift of ownership occurs, it unleashes the magic of traction and you’ll experience a higher level of success than ever before. Our Collaboration Champion Network Program will help your end users become technology advocates, teach others and scale the message of value throughout your entire organization.

Adoption Analytics™

Measuring the User Experience

Using analytics and visual dashboards, the IT manager or business stakeholder can see who is using the new system, which features bring them the most value and how adoption rates are enabling positive business outcomes, efficiencies and productivity.

We provide the expertise you need to maximize the full benefits of your Cisco technology investment.